Lamoureux to run in Lloydminster By-Election

To the surprise of many, Mr. Wall has decided to send voters in Lloydminster to the polls on November 13th (Just 28 days from now.) Mr. Wall has the right as Premier to call a by-election at a time of his choosing, however it is extremely unusual for a by-election to be called so quickly after a seat has become vacant and before they have even nominated their own candidate. Read more »

Darrin Lamoureux to Lead Liberals into Next Provincial Election

REGINA - The Saskatchewan Liberal Party announced today that Darrin Lamoureux has been acclaimed leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party. Lamoureux was the sole candidate upon close of nominations on August 8th, 2014. He will be confirmed as leader at the party’s annual general meeting this fall in Regina.

Liberal Leader Darrin Lamoureux on Resignation of MLA for Lloydminster

REGINA - Darrin Lamoureux, Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party, today released the following statement:

"Brad Wall has to call a by-election or general election in the next six months. Read more »

Poverty Still Present in Saskatchewan Despite Boom

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members” – Ghandi

We hear it all the time: Saskatchewan is booming. Our economy is the envy of many provinces and growth is hitting a record high. This tale of abundancy and progress, however, is not the case for many Saskatchewan residents. Read more »